Don’t put your eggs in one basket.

Three months ago, I never thought I would be writing this post. I had lots of friends, and was in quite a popular group at school. 

I had one friend, for the purposes of this blog, I’ll be calling her Petal. Now, this one friend was my best friend. We did everything together. We went to parties, we had sleepovers, and spent the majority of our time together. 

Petal was always slightly more popular than I was, she was pretty and she always attracted more boys, and to be honest I didn’t mind that, as long as I was her friend. I was her wing man and she was my person. The person I told everything to. However she never treated me with the same respect that I treated her.

About two months ago Petal and I had an argument about how she treated me. didn’t seem to think that trying to make me like her was wrong. I disagreed.

She met an old friend whom she had been at primary school with. For the purposes of the blog, I will be calling this friend Stalk. Stalk had a lot more to offer than I did according to Petal. She had a bigger house, a lot more cool stuff, and could buy petal presents that I could only dream of affording.

According to Petal, these are crucial qualities to have when in a friendship. therefore petal decided that I was no longer worthy of a friendship. She pushed me out of the group, making everybody within it ignore me. 

I never understood what I did wrong and I was in utter despair. I cried for weeks and petal didn’t seem to care. However I haven’t spoken to her since. 

I have since spoken to some of the girls who were in the group. They also stood up to petal and also no longer in the group. She is losing friends. however Stalk is still by her side, and will be until she find somebody better, who can give her more.

The fact that Petal ditched me has opened so many doors of opportunity for me. For one, I have met a lot nicer friends, who treat me with the same respect as I do them. I have joined a drama group, and have already starred in a production of Phantom of the Opera, which was one of the best experiences of my life.

The moral of the story is it isn’t the end of the world if somebody disowns you because they find somebody better, they aren’t worth it, and they aren’t obviously the person you thought they were. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT.
I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t focus all of your time on one thing, you never know what is round the corner…

~ Rose

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